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Chumash Territory . Detail of China Alley Memorial Mural . Ventura . 2012



This route runs from Sonoma to San Diego, covering about 800 miles. I've divided the path into 20 legs, with the missions/village sites as the start and end points for each section.

Northern Section - Sonoma to San Rafael to San Juan Bautista


Central Section - San Juan Bautista to Santa Barbara


Southern Section - Santa Barbara to San Diego

Please note:

  • The information in this guide is current as of July 2013.

  • For each leg you'll find:

    • Clickable Google maps that outline route and alternates (no turn by turn directions)*

    • Links to GPX points*,    *upload GPX points to your smartphone and access through an app

    • General walk overviews,

    • Suggested schedules,

    • Points of interest,

    • Lodging (with affordable options when possible),

    • Availability of food and water, and

    • Climate information

  • Route: Runs from north to south. GPX points and Google maps are especially helpful as they are direction agnostic.

  • Lodging:

    • Routes do not include distance or travel time from day's endpoint/mission to lodging. Please plan accordingly and note that lodging is often close by the path.

    • Campgrounds: reservation information is included, in the recommended seasons (spring and fall) for walking you can just stroll into 95% of hotels and campgrounds without reservations. Exceptions are campgrounds in Marin Headlands.

    • Along many stretches of the route, especially in the interior valleys, there isn't much lodging available. You may have to bus or cab to lodging and back.

  • Save money on lodging by contact friends and family along the route and ask if they'd be willing to put you up. For these and other cost-cutting tips, see the planning section.

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